Thank you for your interest in adoption! 

Before you begin, Please note:

  • We only adopt goats in pairs unless you already have other goats at home. We do occasionally adopt certain adult goats to homes as a horse companion. See more on companionship.

  • We only adopt goats as pets, we do not adopt goats for milking or breeding

  • Pastures must be fully fenced on all four sides with good quality fencing. (No portable fencing.) See more on fencing.

  • Pastures must be minimum 1/4 acre for 2-3 goats (100 ft each side), although some exceptions will be made for certain small breeds that will do well in smaller spaces down to 1/8th acre (75 ft each side). See more on space requirements.

  • Goats must NEVER be staked out.

  • Adoption fees apply

The process

To begin the evaluation process, fill out our adoption inquiry application. After completing this application, please email photos of both your fencing and shelter to Once your application and photos are reviewed, which can take up to a few days, we will contact you to discuss further. If your home looks like it will be a good fit, a time will be scheduled for a PSGR representative to visit your home. Once a home is approved for adoption, a time will be arranged for you to meet our adoptable goats. Note that the completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption of a PSGR rescued animal.