Each year, we take in and re-home goats from homes where their companions were killed by commonly known predators or dogs. There are a few different things you can do to help prevent this kind of tragedy. 

Good fencing with safety measures is of upmost importance. Predators are quick to spot weaknesses in fencing in order to gain access to your goats. Learn more about goat fencing.

Commonly known predators to goats are coyotes, cougars and bears. Living in an area that has room for goats often means you live in an area with goat predators, even if you have never seen them. Closing goats into their shelter, with hay and water, from dusk to dawn is strongly recommended as predators often hunt during this time. This is especially the case for young or small goats who are even more vulnerable. It is important to note, coyotes hunt during the daytime too, especially when they are feeding their pups.

Even your own dog could be a threat to your goats.

Domestic dogs can be a big threat to goats. Loose dogs can dig under fencing or jump over weak spots in a fence. Even your own dog is could be a threat to your goats. Dogs should never be allowed to "play" with goats and should never be left unattended in the same pasture. The line between “play” and “prey” with dogs can often be very thin. An exception to this is livestock guardian dogs who are trained from birth to protect livestock.