An only goat is a lonely goat!

It is of utmost importance for goats to have the companionship of other goats.  Goats are herd animals who are happiest and healthiest in the company of other goats.  An only goat will often cry because they are lonely, act depressed or unsettled.  Goats take comfort and a sense of safety in a friend. 

Dogs should never be considered companions for goats and although some goats will bond to other farm animals, we can not stress enough that goats should have another goat for a friend.

One exception to this "rule" is goats as horse companions.  Certain goats make great companions for a lonely horse, but not all goats. We never recommend a baby or young goat as a horse companion.  There are things to consider, such as the goat being alone if you often take your horse out riding and dietary compatibility.  We have placed a number of goats as very successful horse companions but it does take the right goat.

Getting the right goats for your farm and family is an important part of successful goat ownership and we are happy to work with you to find just the right fit.