Goats with room to roam are happy goats!  Goats are natural browsers and are healthiest and happiest with room to roam, graze and browse. Goats are very intelligent and they love to have things to climb and play on such as tree stumps or wooden picnic tables. Minimum acreage recommended is 1/4th of an acre area for two to three goats, which equates to 100 feet per side. The more space, the better. Housing goats in a “pen” would be similar to keeping a dog in a dog kennel its whole life. Certain breeds of goats are more appropriate if you have a smaller space. We will help you make sure you select the best goat to match your area.

Pastures should always be well fenced and goats should never be staked out or free to roam unfenced property.  Learn more about fencing

Goats in yards
There are instances where goats in "yards" can work but there are specific things that need to be present for it to be successful.   A non-landscaped yard with natural vegetation and very good fencing can work if the yard is big enough and the space is not shared with dogs. The space needs to be free, as do all goat pastures, of poisonous plants both in their immediate area and surrounding fence lines. There should be separation between your home and the goat area. Goats are very curious and love to be close to their people and without a barrier they will likely inhabit what you hope to be a "non goat" area. Plus, they will make quick work of any young trees, flowers and shrubs you may want to keep.