What breed of goat is best for you? We always encourage people to choose goats based on temperament instead of on a specific breed or size. More often that not, standard size goats are easier to handle than smaller breed goats. Size doesn't matter, personality and temperament do! Each breed has their generalized personality & temperament traits but every goat is different with their own individual and distinct personalities. Below are the most common breeds of goats and their common traits. We always have a variety of goats, including cross breeds, looking for their forever homes.

La Mancha

  • Playful, smart, clever and affectionate

  • Very small ears in two types, Gopher Ear or Elf Ear

  • Originated in Oregon, the only breed developed in the US

  • Little ears, big personality, sure to steal your heart!



  • Their trademark is long floppy ears and round roman noses

  • Known for being the most vocal of the goat breeds

  • Often one of the more sensitive breeds of goats

  • One of the larger breeds


  • Distinctive brown and black markings

  • Tends to be on the smaller side of the standard size breeds

  • Sweet and content personalities


  • Elegant and athletic

  • A wide variety of colors and marking patterns

  • One of the larger breeds of goats


  • Laid back and incredibly sweet, known as gentle giants

  • All white in color

  • Often the largest of the breeds


  • Easy going, quiet and smart

  • Distinct brown to mouse grey with white markings

  • On the smaller side of the standard size breeds


  • Low key and quiet breed

  • Most often white in color with a brown head and floppy ears

  • Hearty and often easy keepers

Nigerian Dwarf

  • One of the two purebred smaller size breeds of goats

  • The more proportionate of the smaller breeds

  • A wide variety of colors and sometimes flashy markings, the only breed that can have blue eyes

  • Curious and playful while often more independent in personality


  • The other purebred smaller size breed

  • Usually shorter and stockier than Nigerian Dwarf

  • Strong personalities and usually independent by nature