Mai Tai & Daquiri

playful, charming and as cute as can be!  

We rescued these beautiful boys last summer from a local slaughterhouse. Mai Tai was part of the first group of rescues that day. He kept close to who we thought was likely his brother but we were unable to easily get to Daiquiri.  It was packed and the goats, as they often can be, were nervous and scared. We made a second trip back that day and were determined to get him in the second trip. We did and the boys were so happy to be reunited.  

In the weeks that followed their rescue, they began to trust us and trust that they were safe. They have become some of the sweetest goats at the rescue. They love to play as much as they love snuggles from people and they are never far from each other, a true bonded pair. These young boys have come so far and are patiently waiting for their forever home to come along.  Apply to adopt Mai Tai & Daquiri!


 We rescued Layla from a local slaughterhouse and a few months later she gave birth to Herman & Sherman.  We think Layla had a tough life before her rescue but she is so sweet and trusting.  Her boys are always by her side and love cheek scratches and snuggles from people.