Does your goat need a new home?

PSGR accepts goats based on space available. Please contact us if you are no longer able to care for your goats.

If your goats are exhibiting unpleasant behavior and you are considering giving them up, please take a look at our Goat Behavior page first. Many people find they are able to make small changes that make their goats delightful and easy to be around pets.

If we are unable to take your goat due to lack of space, we encourage you to carefully screen any future home for your goats.  Craigslist is watched carefully by meat buyers, often in the guise of a "family looking for a pet goat(s)." We do not recommend posting ads there.

Found a goat?

If you have found a goat or goats, please keep them safe in a fenced area that is free of poisonous ornamental plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, or Lily of the Valley (pieris japonica). Feed them only grass hay. Despite their reputation as being able to eat anything, goats are actually quite susceptible to serious stomach illnesses when fed incorrectly.

Goats are homebodies and generally live very close to where they are found. Flyers (requesting proof of ownership) or checking with neighbors can often get them reunited with their owners quickly. Contact PSGR or your local animal control if owners cannot be located.

see an Abused goat?

If you see an abused goat, please contact us or local animal control.