Blog written by Sarah Klapstein

I am often asked if I have children.  Asked in a sort of assuming that I do sort of way.  It's what commonly  happens when you are a woman in your mid to late 30s, people often assume you have children.  I do have children, mine just have 4 legs instead of 2.

When I was younger I thought by the time I was at this point in my life I would have a few children, human children that is and I would be well into motherhood by now.  Well, I am, it just looks different than what I imagined a decade ago.

I am currently a mom to close to 40 rescued goats at Baby Goat Central, most no more than a few months old.  I am responsible for their every need. I feed them, clean up after them, negotiate with them, deal with tantrums, break up arguments and worry non-stop about their health and happiness.  I have been pooped on, spit up on, changed countless diapers and stayed up all night with sick babies only to catch a little sleep when they do.   I arrange care for them while I'm at work or want to be away from the farm for an evening.  I ask our vet a million questions like a first time mom at pediatricians appointments.  Neighbors bring me meals as I can barely fit in a shower most days during rescued baby season.  I have watched some be born into this world and I have held some in my arms as they have left this world.  I love them beyond words.  They are my world and I am theirs.  They are my kids.  And I am honored to be their mom.