Little Reminders

Inspiration, motivation, a reminder...sometimes I don't know what I need but I need something. Something to reroute me back to the simple, basic, most important things in life. More and more these days it's easy to get caught up in the chaos of the world. The rat race pace, the pressure, the instant gratification of things. To loose sight of what really matters. I sometimes feel a longing for an escape from reality. The 4 legged friends I spend a lot of time with these days know nothing of the pressures and stresses of our world. Their world is the few acres on which they graze. Those of us who bring them food, scratch their cheeks and fill their water buckets. The sun that shines to take a nap in. The big tree that sprinkles leaves to eat when a breeze blows. Their basic needs are met. They don't want or need for anything more than what they have.

Observing this, it brings me clarity.

Yes, I'd love to loose 10 pounds. Make 10k more. To not feel so much pressure to be at a place in my life that I'm not. To live in a world where terrorism didn't exist. Where everyone felt safe walking in their neighborhoods. But these wonderful creatures I get to share my life with remind me that despite the reality of the world spinning around me, I have everything in my life that I need. That what is really, truly important is right in front of me every single day. Their world is an escape from the reality of mine. They are little reminders of the most important things in life.