Perfect Imperfection

"I cling to my imperfection, as the very essence of my being" ~Anatole France Last weekend I arrived at the rescue, sat down to put on my boots and within minutes Rocket was in my lap. He immediately started chewing his cud and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. The funny part about this is that Rocket, long ago, passed lap goat size. But he doesn't know that. Nor does he care, I don't mind either. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love this guy exudes.

Rocket arrived as a breeder cull earlier this year. He is strikingly gorgeous. He was culled because of a imperfect teat. The farm Rocket was born on breeds for show and any imperfection is removed from the reproductive herd.

When he arrived at 6 weeks old he was quite a bit bigger than the other kids at the rescue so he went to a foster home where they had some kids his size to play with. He came back a few months later and the more time I spent with him the more fond of him I became.

He has a quiet, respectful presence but he is always near by. When all the kids descend on a pile of fresh cut browse, he doesn't go in with the crowd. He'd rather hang out with his people and nibble on what is left over later. He adores people and loves soaking up every bit of attention he can get. Every time I leave, he walks me to the gate. I like to think it's his way of thanking me for our time together that day.

His story is not one of being saved from death row at the slaughterhouse or being rescued from heartbreaking neglect. He has known nothing but compassion and comfort since he was born. PSGR provided him a place to call home so he wasn't sent to auction. So he wasn't purchased for slaughter for a small imperfection of his anatomy. We provide a safe, loving place for these breeder culls to go, we find them their lifelong homes. By doing so, one by one, little by little, we show the world, there is another way.

I often refer to Rocket as our "ambassador" goat. He lives up to this every single day. His carefree, tender spirit enriches the lives of all of us who get to share his life with him. To us, he is perfect.