Everyone has their favorites. I catch myself every time I want to say "favorites" when I talk about the animals that cross our path. I guess I just feel bad, I do love them all but there are some that cement a special place in my heart. So ok, yes, favorites. Everyone has their favorites.

For me, there are "my boys", Finn, Rocket and Loki. Now a little Nubian kid we named Chance has joined their ranks.

The minute I opened the back of the truck when volunteer Janice arrived with the latest group of slaughterhouse rescues last month, my eyes went right to a little Nubian kid laying almost flat out in the back of the group. Instantly my heart melted. I asked Janice if he was ok. He certainly didn't look ok. She had picked him up off a kill pen floor and wasn't sure just what state of health he was in but he wasn't going to die there, that she knew.

We started unloading goats one by one. Once the truck was almost unloaded the little Nubian finally got up and cried out. Immediate relief. I carried him to some grass where he instantly started eating.

Chance was most likely a bottle baby. He was purchased by the slaughterhouse from a local livestock auction. The auction and slaughterhouse experience can be hard on even the most resilient animal. For these young little ones, going there can be simply devastating to them. They aren't usually handled with care or respect there and once at the slaughterhouse they can't compete with the bigger animals for the limited food and water. They are often confused and scared. Chance was clearly overwhelmed by everything he had been through and exhausted. When I finally sat down that evening he came up to me, laid his head against my shoulder and fell asleep. I was in love.

Chance, hours after he arrived, getting some much needed reassurance

Chance, hours after he arrived, getting some much needed reassurance

I like to think the feeling is mutual. He follows me everywhere when I'm at the farm. I look down and he's always just staring up at me and he always has something to say. Always. He often talks without really opening his mouth, it is the most endearing, sweet voice. And his eyes, he has these sleepy eyes that make me melt every time I look at him.

He loves Emma and Enzo, two Nubian kids he was rescued with. They likely found eachother at the slaughterhouse and banded together, they're rarely ever apart these days. In them he has a newfound family allowing him to feel safe and at ease. These three have not stopped eating since they arrived. They're gaining weight, growing and couldn't be doing better!

Sweet little Chance bears the name of the opportunity we are able to give all of the animals at PSGR, a second chance.

Emma, Chance and Enzo

Emma, Chance and Enzo