Little Mia arrived at the rescue, just a few weeks old, in late February. Due to her very small size it was clear she wasn't destined to be an active part in any dairy herd. We knew she was a little "off" from the start. She didn't move around or play like the other kids and was slow to figure out the bottle feeding process. It was clear she wasn't a "normal" kid. A short time later we learned she had a heart murmur, one that she is highly unlikely to outgrow. It was pretty much determined then that she was likely to become a permanent rescue resident.

Now 5 months old she still moves slower than the other kids, her back legs are a bit stiff and she has remained the smallest kid on the farm. The newborn kids usually surpass her in size in just a few weeks. But she's a happy little goat. She grazes more than any goat on the farm, she's recently discovered a love for the leaves she finds along the road outside the farm gate. We've walked that road for countless hours ever since. And you will often find her standing at your feet staring at you, waiting for you to pick her up. Mia loves to be held. So much so that I mentioned I needed a sling to carry her around in as I was far less productive with a goat in my arms and could never resist her pleas to be scooped up. Volunteer Jerrinne just happened to have a "ring sling" she no longer used and donated for Mia. It instantly became Mia's favorite place.

Jerrinne and Mia in the "ring sling"

Jerrinne and Mia in the "ring sling"

It is impossible to say how long she is for this world but we see every day that she's with us as a gift. She has a special place in the heart of everyone at the rescue and is a farm favorite of visitors. The rescue has made her life, however long, a good one. A life she may not have had if she hadn't ended up with us. Despite everything she has stacked against her, that little girl gets out and makes the most of every day. A lesson for us all....