Tillie Had a Little Lamb

And everywhere that Tillie went the lamb was sure to go..... Tillie and Buckaroo were both rescued from a local slaughterhouse this past Fall, just days after they each were born. Today, they're the best of friends. Buckaroo follows Tillie everywhere on her adventures around the farm. Their paths to the happy duo they are today could not have been more different.

I've talked in past posts about what an uphill battle saving young rescues born at the slaughterhouse is. Tillie was an exception. Knock on wood, this little boer cross doeling has not been sick a day in her life. She arrived healthy and vibrant and has not slowed down one bit. She is full of personality and character and has no fear. She will challenge any goat on the farm and will take off exploring with out a second thought. And her ears, she has those helicopter ears we all love so much!

Buckaroo on the other hand was the definition of the all too common uphill battle. He arrived caked in mud, weak, lifeless and with no interest in taking a bottle. He championed through his first few days but was not quite the vigorous and energetic lamb he should have been. Weeks went by where he would have good days and bad and we honestly weren't sure what the future held for him. Luckily the wonderful Dr. Pete thought an ulcer might be causing his problems. Sure enough, within a day of treating it as such, he was a new lamb. He is gaining weight, growing like a weed and bouncing around after Tillie wherever she goes.


2 different roads led to where they are today, a darling duo who is as entertaining as they are cute. They will get to live out their lives as the best friends they have become. A story that nursery rhymes are made of.

Why does the lamb love Tillie so? Why, Tillie loves the lamb, you know