The kids of 2016

It's that time of year again, rescued baby season is (finally!) winding down and it's time for our annual yearbook highlights of this year's class of rescued kids! Baby season has been long and steady as 86 kids have made their way through the rescue so far this year. Over 50 have graduated to their forever homes. Our new second rescue farm, Baby Goat Central, welcomed it's first babies in December and continues to house our youngest rescues. A number of kids were raised at our main rescue location and our amazing foster homes, as they do every year, stepped up to help during our busiest times. The kids have been full of personality. From the adventurous and athletic to the quiet and snuggly. All unique and incredibly sweet. They have been nothing short of entertaining, exciting and exhausting. Countless baby goat rescue road trips, hundreds of gallons of milk, endless cleaning, endless bottles, endless baby goat cuddles. All of these things define rescued baby season each and every year. But nothing makes baby season what it is like the kids themselves and what an amazing group we've had!

Most likely to be elected to political office: Lockette This Oberhasli stunner is a standout at BGC. Handsome as can be and full of busy personality, everyone loves Lockette! Including Nicky and Nitro, which, is a rare occurrence. Lockette is the only kid who is allowed by "The Minis" to share their feeder, pool or picnic table, he can often be found curled up napping with one of the big boys. Lockette is always neutral, he never reacts to anyone trying to push him around, he just stays his course and does his thing, looking as regal as could be. image

Class Clown: Rama Rama is the runaway winner of this honor. There was never a dull moment with Rama around. He was a big goofball always in the middle of everything, playing and exploring. He loved being the center of attention but he loved nothing more than his little red wagon. image

Best eyelashes: Petrie & Beeker In a sea of black and brown goats, Petrie and Beeker stand out from the BGC crowd with their beautiful light coloring and their AMAZING eyelashes. These twin Lamancha boys are the sweetest of the sweetest and when they look at you with those big, bright eyes and bat those beautiful long eyelashes, you can't help but melt. image

Cutest Couple: BGC's Farm Dog Addie & "her babies" When we adopted rescue dog Addie we had no idea we were adopting the best baby goat sitter! After spending 5 years in a rescue, Addie finally has a home and family all her own at BGC and she adores her baby goats. They climb on her, nibble on her, launch off of her and sometimes curl up for a nap with her. She is incredibly patient with them and is always concerned if someone isn't where they are supposed to be or isn't feeling 100%. Addie & the kids made for some adorable captured moments this season. image

Most likely to get by on their looks: Grady & Ramsey How could you not succeed on looks when you look like this? These two lookers are just so cute! They spend their days taking their cues from Miss Millie, queen bee of their little group and the never miss an opportunity for cheek scratches. Just don't expect them to master the teeter totter or to try climbing the 8' tall A frame like Millie does, they are best at just looking oh so adorable. image

Most likely to become a pop star: Jake Nicknamed "Mariah Carey" his nickname really says it all. This kid could sing (aka scream) and that he did! He could be heard for miles around and at all hours of the day and night. Eventually even he got tired of his own voice but for a few days, he really belted it out! image

Most likely to walk the runways in Paris: Bronx & Baloo From the day they arrived at BGC at just one day old, these Lamancha/Nubian twins were known as the "super models" as they were all legs! These elegant twins are growing into gorgeous young boys, so tall and graceful. image

Best Dressed: Beasley Stylish Beasley....this flashy Lamancha/Nubian cross is a such a beautiful goat! Not to mention one of the sweetest little love bugs too. image

Homecoming Queen: Millie The Queen Bee of BGC. Millie was found abandoned in a box along side a teddy bear when she was just a day or two old. This spunky, sassy and snuggly little girl charms everyone who meets her and all the boys adore her. image

Homecoming King: Cloud Handsome, quiet and loved by all, Cloud was a head turner at PSGR this year and a friend to all. Gorgeous boy! image

In Memory: He may have only been with us a few short weeks but our sweet little baby Griffey brought us so much joy and touched so many lives. He was loved beyond words and his time with us was filled with so much love. He will be remembered always and forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace my little love.