"The Minis"

Photo courtesy of tranimaging

Photo courtesy of tranimaging

Written by Volunteer Sarah

My love affair with "the minis" began within the first few moments I met them. These adorable twins were 2 of 14 breeder cull kids from a dairy, who made a couple hour journey with me to the rescue back in March.

As it often does, the numbers for this kid pickup increased last minute so I slipped two plastic laundry baskets into the car for the 4 newborn goats. While loading up the kids I put the youngest two in one basket and the smallest two in another assuming they were the other set of newborns. A few miles down the road, I began to question my assumption.

We got on the road and everyone settled in as they usually do, except these two. They were up, looking out the window of the car (what the people in cars next to me must have thought) they talked, a lot, especially the smallest one. I chatted with them, reassuring them they were going to be ok, they were off to the good life. The talker took that as an invitation to try and join me in the driver’s seat. Luckily the basket was tall enough that they couldn’t get out but that didn’t stop him from trying to chew on my hair, bump me for milk and being the cutest backseat driver there ever was. It was clear that these two, now named, Nitro and Nicky, were bound to be two of the biggest personalities on the farm.

Their first week with us they both fell a little under the weather but their feisty personalities served them well and they recovered quickly. During their recovery they needed constant monitoring however so they were granted overnight house goat status for a week. Nitro became a space heater worshiper.

They were quickly back in the barn at night and spending their days out exploring and grazing and being the cutest little Lamanchas. They are as energetic and entertaining as can be. They are also little love bugs, happy to spend the day in my arms, chewing their cud and watching the world around them.

They are still two of the smallest kids even though now they are two of the oldest. They are not a miniature breed, they are purebred, standard size Lamanchas. I just affectionately refer to them as "the minis" not only because of their size but because they are also miniature versions of a number of other Lamancha kids currently at the rescue.

The smallest goats often have the biggest personalities and these two are no exception. Their air-sucking routine, we could take that on the road! They now even try it with me when I'm holding them, pressing their cheeks against mine. They’ve recently learned they can jump straight up in the air, it is their new favorite playtime activity. When not in my arms they love to nap on the stanchion. One at a time, not allowing any other goat to join them. Like I said, little goats, big personalities!

They have a tight sibling bond, however they have welcomed little Oberhasli Percy into their close knit family unit. Percy arrived as a single baby, a little guy as well and we were having a hard time finding the right group of kids for him to join. The minis have been the perfect fit for him. His mellow demeanor seems to be a good balance for the crazy duo. They are quite the charming trio.

It never fails that every year, some just take a hold of my heart from the get go. This year, "the minis" have me head over heels in love.