Our herd dynamic is always changing and I love seeing the friendships that form amongst the animals. In our current herd Daisy seems to have an affinity for Dove, the 3 Nubian kids stick together like glue and Amara and Calista are like two peas in a pod. Literally. They squeeze into an upside down crate top big enough for one to be together. But no friendship is as entertaining and endearing as Cowboy and Finn.

Cowboy is a dwarf cross that was rescued and bottle raised at PSGR. He is entering his senior years as a member of the PSGR resident herd. Finn, also a dwarf cross, was born at a local slaughterhouse last Christmas and was rescued with his mom Faye the day he was born. Finn, being the oldest of all the kids this past season, was always the man in charge and instigating trouble. When Finn graduated to the main herd this summer he was more of a low man on the totem pole and had some learning to do.

With mom Faye recovering from foot surgery Finn turned to Cowboy for guidance in being a "big goat". I started noticing that wherever Cowboy was, you could find Finn. When Cowboy got up to eat, Finn got up to eat. If Cowboy got a drink of water, Finn got a drink of water. If Cowboy shooed someone out of the way with a head butt, Finn would mimic his exact movements. At first I thought Cowboy was just being tolerant of this pesky little goat shadowing him. But the more I paid attention, the more I realized Cowboy seemed to realize his newfound role of mentor. If someone picks on Finn in Cowboy's presence, Cowboy is quick to come to his defense.

We will never know what draws certain animals to one another. What we do know is that Finn and Cowboy's friendship and Finn's absolute admiration of Cowboy is undeniable. I like to think that the senior members of the resident herd are passing their wisdom and roles on to the younger ones. Or maybe it's just yet another phase in an ever changing herd. Either way, there is no question, it's bromance!