For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you're probably familiar with Daisy. Daisy is known for having the best ears on the farm. Her ears often stick straight out to the side and she looks like she's about to take off, helicopter ears we often call them. But there is so much more to this darling little girl who is still, 5 months after her rescue, waiting for her forever home.

Daisy was rescued from a local slaughterhouse when she was just a few months old. She was rescued with 3 adults and at the time we had no other kids her age at the rescue. Daisy didn't seem to mind, she fit right in with the big goats. Daisy was friendly but a little leery of her new situation at first and who could blame her? She quickly realized she was now somewhere she would be respected and would get all the love and attention she could ever want. And we quickly learned, she can't get enough!

Daisy has truly turned out to be one of the sweetest, most affectionate goats on the farm. She will seek you out and if you don't notice her, she will gently paw you to let you know she is there and would like some attention. She would stand with you all day and let you pet her and she will follow a brush anywhere.

She is incredibly easy going, tolerant and she gets along with everyone. She'll stand patiently while you trim her toenails or wear various holiday headbands for photos. She's mindful and polite, never pushy, never noisy. She is simply, delightful.

However this precious little girl is still waiting to find her lifelong home. The time it takes for goats to be adopted once they're ready to be, varies. Part of the work we do is making sure that we are facilitating the process of finding the best "fit" for both the goat and the adopting family. Yes, the more animals we adopt out the more we can rescue, but making sure it is a positive and lasting relationship for the animals and their new families is just as important.

We know that the perfect forever home for Daisy is out there. When the day comes that she leaves us for it, she will be greatly missed but she will have found what she deserves, a family of her own to love her forever. Trust us, she will return every ounce of that love, ten fold.