Second Chance Ranch

Diane is one of the many amazing people who help make PSGR what it is. She has assisted us in countless ways; adopting numerous goats and 3 alpacas from PSGR, fostering animals, transporting, donating and serving on our board of directors. She has created a forever home called Second Chance Ranch for a variety of rescued animals. Diane has also turned her passion, and her daughter's, into a business that not only helps kids unplug from the technology of today but also helps give them an awareness of rescue animals and the wonderful creatures that they are. Here is her story:

"My love for animals, particularly those needing homes, began as soon as I could walk. I remember a picture of myself as a small child holding a tabby cat underneath its forearms as the cat dangled down in front of me, almost as long as I was. I grew up on an acre with a small barn in our backyard, which, over time, I turned into a sanctuary for stray cats, rescued rabbits, injured birds and a stray boxer dog. My first experience with a goat was with a neighbor that had a large Saanan. I thought this goat was really cool and I even got to take care of him for a few months. I always knew that someday I would want goats. Having three brothers who were so involved in organized sports, this barn was where I spent most of my afternoons after school. My parents had an idea that there were more than just my two horses living in that barn but turned a blind eye and let me pursue my passion for saving animals.

After marrying, having four kids, and living in West Bellevue for a dozen years, I really began to miss having animals and convinced my husband to get goats. We adopted two pygmies and then soon acquired chickens and rabbits as well. It didn’t take us long to realize we needed more space so we bought a house on six acres in Sammamish. I was thrilled!

Over the last 15 years, I have created a rescue farm for homeless animals called Second Chance Ranch. We have adopted, fostered and rescued cats, dogs, alpacas, llamas, horses, bunnies, and of course, goats. This year we even took on a large steer that many wanted for meat. He is as sweet as can be and brings great joy to the neighbor kids who come to the bus stop early each morning to bring Cowboy carrots. I get such a great feeling of fulfillment when I look over my pastures and see the once neglected goats climbing the rocks, the alpacas chasing and playing with each other and the kids visiting daily to see Cowboy and the farm. Sharing the farm and teaching children to appreciate and care for these wonderful animals is very rewarding.

I met Barbara, founder of Puget Sound Goat Rescue about 12 years ago when I was looking to adopt a friend for my elder goat. I have fostered many of Barbara’s rescues and have adopted goats, alpacas and Cowboy the steer through her. I think of Barbara as the Goat Angel as she has such a heart and commitment to saving these sweet pets. I have been on the PSGR board since the beginning and have enjoyed all the wonderful members and volunteers that have contributed to this passion.

My daughter, Julie, also has acquired this love for neglected animals; in particular, cats. She fosters and rescues cats missing tails, an eye, teeth, and senior cats. But they are never missing hearts and the ability to reward her back with their love. Julie and I recently started a business called Unplug and Create. We make activity boxes for children that also incorporate our love for our rescues. Each box has rescue trading cards featuring the various rescue animals living on the farm or foster animals we have worked with. It also has short stories about the rescue of a particular animal and shows actual photos of that rescued animal. The boxes have pictures around the outside of our special pets. The five activities boxes have different themes: Farm, Garden, Write-On, Sport, and Spy. All introduce kids to the rescue farm.

In addition, I have begun to write and publish children’s stories about rescued pets from our farm. As a child, I wrote stories and poetry, often inspired by my work with animals and I always knew I would like to write books one day. As our youngest graduates this year from college, I have begun to fulfill this dream. So far, we have four books in what I call, “The Rescue Series”, and two more in the works. These books are thetrue stories of a rescued pet, told by the pets themselves. At the end of each story, I have added actual photos of that animal, making the story very real to the child. Kids and adults alike have shared their love of the books and have given them great reviews. Although my books and our business is not a non-profit organization, it does help us fund the ranch and give to the goat rescue, where I have found Barbara and other special people and volunteers.

I don’t work with rescues out of obligation. To me, it is a privilege to be able to give them a better life. I don’t look in the neglected pets’ eyes and have pity; I see an angel needing a second chance, a home and a human to love and be loved by. Many have broken limbs, broken tails and broken hearts, but we can fix that by intervening and giving them a second chance. They need us. When we give these little angels a better life, they make us a better person." -Diane

We truly can not thank Diane enough for all she has done and continues to do for PSGR! We are lucky to have her as a part of our PSGR family and the animals that have found their way to Second Chance Ranch are very lucky rescues!