We have no idea how long he had been wandering without a home, where he came from or what led him to where he was found. A few years ago Wally showed up at an alpaca farm in Maple Valley. He was just standing in one of their pastures one morning. They called the rescue and Wally was picked up and brought to PSGR. He was frightened, thin and very leery of human contact. Over time we have earned a little bit of his trust. He will now approach us when we enter the pasture and he will now eat out of our hands. He is a goofy goat. Tall, lanky and slim by nature, with a big head and little ears. He is very athletic; quick and agile, he reminds us of a deer. It's impossible not to smile every time you see this quirky looking guy.


Around the same time Wally arrived we also took in Claudine, a goat seized by animal control from a cruelty case. Claudine was terrified, traumatized and clearly had not known a gentle touch. She was being kept alone in an open pasture with no shelter in the dead of winter. Her hooves were so overgrown she had to crawl to get anywhere. Animal control confiscated her on the spot and brought her to the rescue. She still struggles with hoof problems that require regular trims and having her feet treated regularly with a spray. This has made her a little more hesitant in warming up to us. Honestly, who could blame her when she associates us with uncomfortable hoof treatments? Little steps of progress are made though. Once she realizes you are not there to hurt her, she will stand still and let you approach and pet her. It is easy to tell she is an incredibly sweet natured goat.

Currently they are the longest adoptable residents at the rescue, 3+ years. The two have been residing at a foster home just down the road from PSGR. Ironically, it is also home to a herd of alpacas. Wally seems to have a thing for alpacas. Wally and Claudine are truly the best of friends and have an incredibly strong bond.


They may not be like our other rescues who thrive on human interaction and love attention and affection but Wally will run up to greet you when you visit. Claudine is always not far behind him. Taking animals into our rescue comes with a promise from us to them. That we will do everything we can to make sure they are loved and respected for the rest of their lives. That they will never be hungry or without a drink of water again and that we will work to find them their forever home.

Wally and Claudine are in need of just that, a forever home. A home that understands that they are shy but that they want to trust and with patience and TLC, they will. A home that recognizes Claudine's need for extra care for her feet. The rescue is a less than ideal place for Claudine and her feet in the winter so we would like nothing more than to find them a new home as soon as possible. We know Wally and Claudine would like that too. Help us fulfill the promise of rescue work and complete the circle with a forever home for Wally and Claudine. After what they have endured, they deserve to finally be home.