Simply the best

It's been a month since I've posted a blog entry, a time frame I told myself I would never let happen. But I've come to the realization that there is no "slow" season at PSGR. The last month has been filled with lots of adoptions, new volunteers, a website overhaul, marketing & fundraising plans, social media mania, networking, work party planning and of course the day to day care of the ever changing herd at PSGR. All while we work full time jobs away from the rescue. Regardless of whatever it is we're doing, every day is a good day when you're working to care for and save goats. No matter how busy we get with everything else, the heart of what we do is save lives. Amongst all the busyness of the past few weeks, we've had quite a few new arrivals. Today, I brought 4 new babies to the rescue. It was a long 11 hour day. As I said goodnight to all the animals and turned off the barn lights I realized that days like these, new arrival days, they are quite possibly the best days. image

For me, there is an excitement whenever we get new arrivals at the rescue. No matter where they come from, be it the slaughterhouse, breeder cull kids or private party surrenders, there is the promise of a better day for them. No matter what their past, we get to provide them with the best possible future. That feeling, it's pretty amazing. It's heartwarming, gratifying and maybe even a little magical. The joy and the satisfaction it brings, there is nothing quite like it.

Tara, our newest slaughterhouse rescue has fit right in like she's been with us forever. The Toggenburg girls, Kit and Kat, who arrived a few weeks ago shy and unsure, followed me around today to see what might be in my pockets. They have even joined the top of the picnic table napping rotation. The babies all took turns being snuggled up in my coat, taking comfort after a day full of change. Just like every new arrival, their realities are changing. But that is a good thing. Their new reality will be void of uncertainty. It will be full of what we wish for every goat, for every animal, love and comfort. We get to do that. We get to make that difference for them. Every time we get new arrivals, it brings new hope, new life and those days are simply the best.