We Believe!

NW Washington is electric right now. The city of Seattle is literally lit up in blue and green and sporting the number 12. A city, a community, saying "I'm in." Why? Because we believe.

We believe in a team that many critics thought wouldn't amount to much. A team that is largely made up of third, fourth and fifth round draft picks and undrafted free agents. Players, many didn't believe in. Players, many didn't think had what it took to be stars in the NFL. Players, many didn't think were good enough.

At PSGR our barn is filled with goats that people didn't think were good enough. Goats that for whatever reason, were thought to be worth nothing more than to be sent to slaughter. But that's not what we see. To us, they are amazing. Each their own personality, each bringing something different to the herd. Each worthy of love, security and care. Worthy of someone believing that they are good enough. To be given the chance to simply be themselves.

It may seem crazy, to some, to see goats in jerseys and cheerleading outfits supporting a local football team. But to me, it represents a spirit. A spirit of overcoming and perseverance. A spirit of seeing worth and value where others see none. A spirit of believing.

So from a barn full of goats who were cast aside, now getting a second chance at life to a team who many critics never believed in, now on their way to a second straight Super Bowl, we believe!

Go Hawks!